Connecticut State Tax Extensions 2014

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Connecticut State Tax Extensions 2014

Connecticut Personal State Tax Extension

If you are expecting your Connecticut Tax Refund then you should apply for a Connecticut Business Tax Extension moreover you can owe additional income tax also.

Generally most of the corporations required the Form CT-1120 EXT for State Tax Extension with the Connecticut State Tax Services.

If the form is completed accurately and on time, and any tax liability is paid by your original tax deadline, you will be granted an automatic six-month Connecticut Business State Tax Extension. If you were not granted a Federal Tax Extension, you will need to provide a reason for requesting a Connecticut State Tax Extension.

Connecticut Business Tax Extension will not allow you for additional tax balance due. The due should be paid on time on or before the deadline time otherwise it will charge you a interest and penalties on the access amount.

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A Colorado State Tax Extension is not available for tax balance due, and it should be paid by deadline time otherwise you will charge penalties for access amount. For more see FORM DR 158-I.

  • Connecticut State Tax Extension Form CT-1120 EXT (C corporations)
  • Connecticut State Tax Extension Form CT-1065/CT-1120SI EXT (LLCs, Partnerships, and S corporations)

IF you had already filed a Form 4868 then, Connecticut State Tax will allow you directly a six-month Extension so that they can file their return up to six month later from the original date of filing.

If you are looking for a Connecticut State Tax Payment and your Federal Tax Extension is not approved then you should submit a Connecticut Form CT-1040 EXT.

If you already got a approval for Federal Tax Extension then there is no need to make a payment of state tax.

But, to make sure that Connecticut Tax Extension will not give you any extra time for your tax balance it will just give you more time to file your return.

For few cases you will eligible for six months Connecticut Extension for your state. But for this you should always file a Form CT-1127 with your Connecticut Income Tax Return or with your request for Connecticut Tax Extension.

To get a more time to file your return or requesting for extension you must file Form CT-1040 EXT, it is the application for Connecticut individuals for their tax return, but you should make a payment f every tax which is owe by you.

 Form CT-1040 EXT will helps you to extend only the time period for your return it will not extend time to pay tax due. If fail to pay your tax dues then you will charge for Interest and Penalties which you have to pay with your Connecticut State Tax Extension.

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